Diagnostic Service

Diagnostic experts inspect and classify the source code with Sparrow tools and provide fix guides

Sparrow Source Code Diagnostic Service

Perform automated analysis

  • Use Sparrow SAST for Static Source Code Security Analysis
  • Use Sparrow SAQT for Static Source Code Quality Analysis

Provide customized services

  • Review detection results and provide supplementary measures
  • Check the security and quality levels of developing and operating SW
  • Provide source code fix guides through developer meetings

Diagnosis by experts

  • Systematic diagnosis service by licensed diagnosis experts
  • Rapid response to diagnostic services with multiple diagnostic experts


Able to check the security and quality levels of developing and operating SW
Strengthen the security of newly developed or running SW
Quickly respond to rapidly changing security and quality requirements

Diagnosis Process


Set target
Set criteria
Prepare service
Install tools

Perform first diagnosis

Perform analysis
1st Review
Classification and Stats
Correction Guides

Supplementary measures

Fix vulnerabilities

Perform second analysis

Perform analysis
Secondary analysis
2nd Review
Classification and stats

Second supplementary measures

End of Service
Products Security Quality